At Home Plate: Posey resembling Jeter

The San Francisco Giants knew that catcher Buster Posey was special prior to drafting him fifth overall in 2008. As the team looks back on that selection now, they really have struck gold.

In just three professional seasons, Posey has been a major figure in two World Series titles. He won Rookie of the Year during the first World Series run in 2010, and he’s the likely NL MVP this time around.

Two World Series titles in three years is impressive for any ballplayer, but Posey presents an even more interesting case. Keep in mind that Posey played in only 45 games in 2011 after suffering a fractured fibula and torn ligaments in his ankle following a home plate collision with Scott Cousins of the then-Florida Marlins.

Buster Posey (Photo by SD_Dirk, used under Creative Commons License)

Buster Posey (Photo by SD_Dirk, used under Creative Commons License)

So basically, in both years in which Posey played at least 108 games, the Giants won the World Series. Obviously, this is a direct correlation to Posey’s production.

Whenever he’s on the field either offensively or defensively, Posey makes the Giants a stronger team. Though he’s only 25, he is one of the team’s leaders and will continue to be in the near future.

Not many players have the resume of Posey through three seasons, but one notable name stands out: Derek Jeter. After three full seasons, Jeter had won a Rookie of the Year award, had been named an All-Star and captured two World Series titles.

To be compared to Jeter at such a young age must be an honor for Posey. Of course, they don’t play the same position, but it’s their drive and respect for the game that sets them apart.

Speaking of position, the Giants would be wise to give Posey more time at first base as to not expose him to the risk of injury. The problem here is that Posey excels defensively and has great chemistry with the Giants’ pitching staff.

Looking at his postseason stats, Posey won’t wow anyone with his .200 batting average. However, in the playoffs it’s all about being clutch. Posey hit the grand slam that propelled the Giants to a division series win over the Cincinnati Reds and hit the homer in Game 4 of the World Series that nullified the Detroit Tigers only lead in the series.

Posey was also a factor in seven straight wins for the Giants’ pitching staff, which wound up being the team’s longest winning streak of the season. Again, it’s about getting hot at the right time: October.

Posey has a long, successful career in front of him that may include a few more World Series titles. Even so, he’s already cemented a legacy in Giants’ history, winning more rings than Willie Mays and Barry Bonds combined (one).

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