Tablet’s 2012 Football Diocesan All-Stars

Here is The Tablet’s 2012 Football All-Diocesan Team. Players were selected from one of the following five schools: Bishop Ford H.S., Park Slope; Christ the King R.H.S., Middle Village; Holy Cross H.S., Flushing; St. Francis Prep, Fresh Meadows; and Xaverian H.S., Bay Ridge.

First-Team Offense


John Hurley: St. Francis Prep, senior, 1,561 Passing yds. (led CHSFL), 100-of-167 Passing, 17 Passing TDs (led CHSFL), one Rushing TD

Running Back

Justin Guerre: St. Francis Prep, junior, 116 Carries, 1,162 Rushing yds. (third in CHSFL), 16 Rushing TDs (third in CHSFL), one Receiving TD

Dante Aiken: Bishop Ford, junior, 1,138 Rushing yds. (fifth in CHSFL), 126.4 yds./game, 15 Rushing TDs (fourth in CHSFL), 2011 Tablet All-Star

Wide Receiver

Joey Troina: St. Francis Prep, senior, 31 Receptions (fifth in CHSFL), 395 Receiving yds., two Receiving TDs, eight Rushing TDs

Jordan Fuchs: Christ the King, senior, 27 Receptions (ninth in CHSFL), 374 Receiving yds., five TDs (sixth in CHSFL), 2011 Tablet All-Star

Tight End

St. Francis Prep’s Kadir Wisdom (Photo by Kathy Troina)

Kadir Wisdom: St. Francis Prep, senior, 23 Receptions, 320 Receiving yds., four Receiving TDs, 86 Carries, 855 Rushing yds. (seventh in CHSFL), seven Rushing TDs

Offensive Line

Christopher Jones: Xaverian, senior, 2011 Tablet All-Star

Jordan Pagan: Holy Cross, senior, 2011 Tablet All-Star

Walter Ferdinand: Bishop Ford, junior, 2011 Tablet All-Star

Tyler Martin: Christ the King, senior

Dylan King: St. Francis Prep, senior

First-Team Defense

Defensive Line

Malachi Hoskins: Holy Cross, senior, one Sack, 2011 Tablet All-Star

Stefan Harrington: Holy Cross, junior

Dimeji Bamishile: Holy Cross, senior

Terrence Brown: Christ the King, senior, five Sacks, 47 Tackles


Jordan Francklin: Holy Cross, junior, led CHSFL in Tackles, 2011 Tablet All-Star

Juwan Wilson: Holy Cross, senior, 100-plus tackles, 2011 Tablet All-Star

Joshua Senford: Christ the King, senior, 97 Tackles, four Sacks, 2011 Tablet All-Star

Defensive Back

Darryl McNeil: Christ the King, sophomore, six INTs (second in CHSFL), four Return TDs (two INTs, two Kickoff), 31 Tackles

Ramel Joseph: St. Francis Prep, senior, 2011 Tablet All-Star

Brandon Jackson: Holy Cross, junior, four INTs (fourth in CHSFL), one INT Return TD

Malik Warner: Bishop Ford, junior, two INTs

First-Team Special Teams


George Thomatos: St. Francis Prep, senior, 33 Total Points, 33-for-40 PAT


Mark Marden: Holy Cross, senior, 43 Punts (led CHSFL), 1,668 Punting yds. (led CHSFL), 38.8 yds./punt

Second-Team Offense


Zach Kearney: Xaverian, senior, 565 Passing yds., 43-of-77 Passing, eight Passing TDs, 123 Carries, 694 Rushing yds., seven Rushing TDs, 2011 Tablet All-Star

Running Back

Laray Smith: Xaverian, senior, 44 carries, 421 Rushing yds., four Rushing TDs, selected to play in Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl, 2011 Tablet All-Star

Brandon Pelzer: Holy Cross, junior, 94 Carries, 602 Rushing yds., five Rushing TDs, 2011 Tablet All-Star

Wide Receiver

Lekieth Celestian: Holy Cross, senior, 18 Receptions, 302 Receiving yds., one Receiving TD, 2011 Tablet All-Star

Jonathan Badyna: Xaverian, senior, 19 Receptions, 347 Receiving yds., four Receiving TDs

Tight End

Rodney Gonzales: Bishop Ford, junior, 21 Receptions, 480 Receiving yds. (seventh in CHSFL), 6 Receiving TDs (fourth in CHSFL), 400 Rushing yds., two Rushing TDs, 2011 Tablet All-Star

Offensive Line

Devonte Linton: Bishop Ford, senior, 2011 Tablet All-Star

George Clement: Bishop Ford, senior

Nicky Sferrazza: Christ the King, junior

Rashawn Williams: Christ the King, sophomore

Louis Springer: Xaverian, sophomore

Second-Team Defense

Defensive Line

Turae Stewart: Christ the King, senior, 28 Tackles, three Sacks

Joseph Ezratty: St. Francis Prep, junior, five Sacks (sixth in CHSFL)

Valerio Auguste: Xaverian, senior, two Sacks

Kamari Jones-Hunter: Xaverian, sophomore, two Sacks


Peter Tuohy: Xaverian, senior, four Sacks

C.J. Matthews: Xaverian, senior, two Sacks

Robert Wright: St. Francis Prep, junior, 10 Sacks (second in CHSFL), one INT

Defensive Back

Quamari McAllister: Bishop Ford, junior, five INTs (third in CHSFL)

Michael Hartgrove: St. Francis Prep, junior, three INTs (fifth in CHSFL)

Deyshawn Tucker: Christ the King, junior, four INTs (fourth in CHSFL), 29 Tackles

Bryler Paige: Christ the King, junior, three INTs (fifth in CHSFL), 33 Tackles

Second-Team Special Teams


Michael Guzman: Xaverian, junior, 16 Total Points, 2-for-2 on Field Goals, 10-of-11 PAT, 2011 Tablet All-Star


Jamie Garcia: Bishop Ford, senior, 11 Punts, 382 Punting yds., 34.7 yds./punt

Honorable Mention

Xaviah Mattocks: Bishop Ford, senior, Quarterback, 2011 Tablet All-Star

Josh Labidou: Bishop Ford, senior, Linebacker

Ruben St. Marc: St. Francis Prep, senior, Running Back

Terrence Stackpole: St. Francis Prep, senior, Linebacker

Matthew Gluick: Christ the King, senior, Quarterback

Tyquwan Morales: Christ the King, junior, Linebacker

Rahmel Ashby: Xaverian, freshman, Defensive Back

Justin Philip: Xaverian, freshman, Defensive Back

*Stats are courtesy of MSGVarsity.